About Netdata

Making monitoring accessible to everyone

Together, we’re building the future of distributed systems health monitoring and performance troubleshooting.

About Netdata
Netdata mission


Infrastructure monitoring and performance troubleshooting aren’t easy. That’s exactly why we’re building Netdata!

Netdata democratizes monitoring, empowering IT teams to know more about their infrastructure, enabling them to quickly identify and troubleshoot issues, collaborate to solve problems, and make data-driven decisions to move business forward.

There is no metric on Earth that can hide from Netdata, giving you complete control over your systems and applications. With stunning visualizations and intelligent alerts, Netdata puts real-time, granular information at your fingertips so you can collaborate and troubleshoot with your team faster and more efficiently, making monitoring work for you, not the other way around.


Building for IT

Building for IT

We exist to make the lives of IT pros, sysadmins, SREs, and developers easier. Our commitment is to keep the people who rely on our products at the core of every decision we make.

Making things better

Making things better

Your job is to make systems and applications run better. Our job is to build tools to help you do just that. We believe in challenging the status quo to deliver innovative solutions to help you build extraordinary infrastructure.

Staying Connected

Staying open and connected

We think we can go farther, faster, when we go together. So we’re committed to staying open and connected to our community as we learn and grow. We extend our values of teamwork, honesty, and transparency to everything we do.


Costa Tsaousis

Costa Tsaousis

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Costa is the founder and CEO of Netdata, as well as being the original developer of the Netdata Agent. Previously, he worked for 25 years in the online IT services industry, assisting disruptors like Viva.gr, Viva Wallet, and Hellas Online become challengers using technology. Costa is also the primary developer behind FireHOL, a “firewall for humans” that builds secure, stateful firewalls from easy to understand, human-readable configurations.

Chris Akritidis

Chris Akritidis

Chief Operating Officer

Christopher rallies the day-to-day efforts of the Netdata team with 15 years of experience in delivering IT-empowered business solutions. Before Netdata, he focused on optimizing performance and efficiency for telecom companies. When he’s not working, he enjoys science, philosophy, science fiction, strategy games, reading, and writing.

Dimitris Protogirou

Dimitris Protogirou

Chief Financial Officer

Dimitris is Netdata’s CFO. He has worked in the US, France, UK, Greece and performed assignments in several other countries. He began his career working for large multinationals (Fugro – Schlumberger). For the last 15 years, he has held CFO and CEO positions in SMEs within the telecoms, pharma and software sectors. Dimitris is experienced with general management, fundraising and transaction execution (both buy and sell side). His most recent positions were CFO of Softomotive in London and CEO of Sourcebits in San Francisco.

Global community

The Netdata Agent is free, open-source software and always will be. Netdata is committed to a community-first approach, with hundreds of contributors, thousands of GitHub stargazers and millions of users including at companies like Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and NVIDIA.

Global team

Netdata is a remote-first company with employees, contributors and users worldwide. Founded in Greece, Netdata is incorporated in the United States with hubs in Athens and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our investors

Bessmer Venture Partners
BainCapital Ventures
Marathon Venture Capital

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We’re excited about what we do and about sharing it with you. Here is some info to speed you along.

For technical questions about the product or to report an issue, visit us on GitHub or join us on the Community forums.

For general questions and media relations, please contact us at [email protected].

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