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Join our forums for community-driven support and to connect with other users, contributors, and the Netdata team.

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Submit bugs for Netdata Agent or Netdata Cloud via GitHub issues.

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Submit a feature requests on our forums, and another community member or the Netdata team might just pick it up!

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We take security very seriously and will investigate all vulnerability reports submitted by the community.

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Thank you for considering contributing to Netdata. Netdata is built on the eponymous open-source project, known here as the Netdata Agent. It is released under GPL v3.0 and is supported both by Netdata employees and an active community of contributors.

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We’ve labeled issues to help you easily identify ways to get started.

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We use the forums to discuss the development of core Netdata agent components and integrations, such as collectors.

Contribute to machine learning

Share your data to help us improve

We highly value end-user feedback during product development, which is why we’re looking to involve you in progressing our machine learning (ML) efforts! We are looking to build a small pilot program and offer early access to Netdata research contributors who would stream some agents to a master node in our research data lake.  We can then use this real-world data to run experiments and try different problem formulations and algorithms to detect any anomalies that might exist. This way, we can “battle test” as much as possible any ML-driven anomaly detection features we look to launch in the future with the help of the wider Netdata community.

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View documentation, guides, and videos for single-node and infrastructure monitoring with Netdata. Discover new insights of your systems, containers, and applications using per-second metrics, insightful visualizations, and every metric imaginable.

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The Netdata community is made up of a diverse group of people around the world united around one goal: making Netdata better. Our Community forums is the place to ask and answer questions, share knowledge and best practices, and contribute and connect.

Netdata is also on IRC: #netdata.