Product Overview

Netdata Infrastructure Monitoring

The real-time, per-second monitoring and troubleshooting solution for every environment — entirely for free.

The Overview in Netdata Cloud

Product Overview

Netdata Infrastructure Monitoring

The real-time, per-second monitoring and troubleshooting solution for every environment — entirely for free.

The Overview in Netdata Cloud

Every metric, every second across any environment for free with our infinitely scalable streaming architecture


200+ turnkey integrations

Zero configuration for hundreds of integrations give you thousands of real-time, per-second metrics meaningfully presented with only milliseconds from collection to visualization.

Streaming for scale

Streaming for scale

Distributed data architecture built for ephemeral and dynamic environments with no limits on the number, type, or frequency of metrics collected or streamed. Your store and own your metrics to ensure complete data privacy.

React faster

Detect anomalies in real time

Highly granular data in real time makes detecting issues, correlating metrics, and intelligent alerting easy and seamless, driving down your MTTD and MTTR. 

Monitor and troubleshoot performance in real time at scale with zero configuration

Simply powerful monitoring and troubleshooting — free

Netdata is a distributed, real-time performance troubleshooting and health monitoring platform for infrastructures of any size. The entirely free, open-source Netdata monitoring agent works in collaboration with Netdata Cloud to provide visibility into the performance of both single nodes and entire infrastructures.

Get up and running within minutes with our one-line deployment that requires zero configuration. Immediately access prebuilt charts and alarms with opinionated, intelligent defaults to help you realize value immediately.

Simplified infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting
Netdata integrations, collectors, and plugins

Designed to be open, extensible, and modular for every tech stack

Netdata is designed to be open and interoperable with other services in your monitoring toolchain. Use Netdata as your comprehensive solution or export your metrics to a time-series database for long-term retention or further analysis.

Monitoring systems and applications is easy with auto-detection of hundreds of prebuilt, intelligent integrations. You can also build your own collector for custom applications.

The Netdata Agent is extremely lightweight, designed to be permanently installed on anything you want to monitor, from Raspberry Pis to Kubernetes clusters. With turnkey support for Linux, k8s, Docker, FreeBSD, macOS and more, it’s easy to get started.

Architected for faster root cause analysis

Netdata collects thousands of per-second metrics from systems, hardware, and applications, then presents these metrics in stunning charts optimized for visual anomaly detection. It’s easy to see what’s happening across your entire infrastructure from any browser with Netdata Cloud’s composite charts.

You do not need an engineering team to set up dashboards or an army of SREs to create and maintain complex data queries. Enjoy preconfigured dashboards with intelligent visualizations for every metric, then drill down into anomalies in real time with Metric Correlations to speed your root cause analysis and drive down your mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Architected for faster root cause analysis
Netdata built for IT professionals

Built for developers & IT pros

Netdata is designed for and by system administrators, DevOps engineers, and developers. Invite your IT team to organize monitoring processes and collaborate on troubleshooting issues with shared dashboards.

It’s easy to invite your whole team to Netdata Cloud, then organize your view into Spaces and War Rooms to keep tabs on types of systems or services based on roles and responsibilities. With the new Cloud Overview, get every real-time chart and metric you need to understand the status of your infrastructure in a single view to explore and troubleshoot.

How Netdata works

Collect all your metrics across systems, applications, and services

When Netdata starts, and with zero configuration, it auto-detects thousands of data sources and immediately collects per-second metrics from hundreds of integrations out of the box. With resource requirements of only 1% CPU and a few MB of RAM, Netdata is extremely lightweight.

Visualize data to identify and triage issues quickly

Dashboards display meaningful charts to help you understand emerging issues and triage incidents, helping you understand the relationships between your hardware, operating system, apps, and services. View individual node data or use Netdata Cloud for a complete view of your infrastructure from a single pane of glass.

Monitor with out-of-the-box alerting

Netdata provides hundreds of default alarms that can notify you when critical issues occur. With advanced alerting, you can customize dynamic thresholds, hysteresis, alarm templates, and role-based notifications, enabling your team to drill down quickly to fix problems faster.

Store your metrics locally to stay in control of your data

Netdata uses a distributed data architecture to help you collect and store per-second metrics for days, weeks, or even months on the local host based on your needs.

Export your metrics for further analysis or retention

Netdata is designed to be open and interoperable with your existing stack. Use Netdata’s database engine to store long-term metrics or export per-second metrics to other time-series databases like Graphite, Prometheus, InfluxDB, TimescaleDB, and more.

Stream your metrics

Visualize metrics across your infrastructure in Netdata Cloud. Netdata Cloud securely displays metadata queried and streamed in real time from linked nodes without backhauling and storing data, keeping you in control while ensuring your data privacy.

You can also stream metrics from one Netdata Agent to another.